Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Getting Caught Up

Well, here we go on this blogging road. Just a quick post to get everyone caught up on what has been going on with us here lately.

Scott and I have been in the process of getting licensed to become foster/adoption parents. The road has been long but going pretty smooth. We had the first of three visits for the home study. Everything went great. We just have more paperwork to fill out and a few things that we need to do to the home and we will be in the clear. Yeah!

Scott's father has been battling numerous illnesses lately and just recently discharged form the hospital. Good news to report. He is doing so much better. Eating and walking around some. He even took a few drives. So, praise the Lord that he is doing better. God has really worked a miracle on him. We thought that we were going to lose him.

Scott is working for a local Dodge dealer in the parts department. He is still meeting with our Minister once a week for study. I am working as needed as a personal assistant for a neighbor and as a CNA part-time.

We still have the dogs. We are down to eight (8) as of now. Four schnauzers: Autumn, Orrie, Mannie and Ruby. Four pit bulls: Jake, Sassy, Munchkin and Jazzman. I can't forget Fred the cat, too.

My family is doing fine. My grandparents are a nutty as ever. My mother has her good and bad days. She is finally getting her sugar under control so the rest will soon follow. My father is waiting for retirement, working on his new project, his corvette.

Well, I guess that sums it all up. Hope everyone has a good night.

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