Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Taking a Stroll

Just about every eveing we all take a little stroll. It is a great time to bond and talk abut the days events. Here are a few pics of one of are strolls.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Catfist Tournament

The boys love to fish so, when we heard that there was a catfish tournament at Manlove Park we had to enroll them. It was from 7p to 2am. Scott and Skyler stayed there the whole time. Alex and I stayed for a while. The boys didn't catch any fish but, we had a good time just talking and enjoy the quite country night by the lake.

Skyler & Scott

He Got One

Well, he finally got one. There is a funny story about this..every time before Scott took Skyler hunting... me being the animal lover that I am would pray for them to safe and that all the animals would be safe and that Skyler wouldn't get know that I should be supportive and I am ... I am just weird that way I guess. Well, on this particular day Scott and Skyler went hunting on a whim and I had no idea that they where going and I didn't say my little hunting prayer. So, on that day Skyler finally got one. When they came home and Skyler came to me with his huge grin on his face...I knew before he opened his mouth to talk what had happened. He said, "you must of forgot to pray because I got one." I responded that "your right. Because you both went and didn't tell me." He laughed saying "that was the point."

Skyler and his squirrel

First Day Of School 2009

The day was August 17th and it was the first day. The boys were nervous and excited all at the same time. I remember those days not to long, for our boys it was a new chapter in their lives, a new school, making new friends and so much more. Their first day went great and glad to say that all is still going good st school.

Alex at he breastfast time. He wouldn't let me get a pic of him so I had to sneak one.

Skyler waiting in the bus.

Hunting Adventures

I am not a fan of hunting but the things you do for your kids. This was the the morning of the first hunting outing for Scott and Skyler this year. Skyler was so happy and excited. Scott and Skyler didn't get anything though. Skyler was pretty disappointed. I on the other hand was pleased with the results. I told Skyler that I was praying that he wouldn't get anything and he was laughing at me saying "well, sounds like someone get their prayers answered." So, every time that they gone since Skyler is asking if I prayed. Of course, I said "I pray everyday." LOL.