Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Let's Go Out to the Ball Game!

Scott and his long time friend, Jason (Whopper) from Ohio went to a Reds game. He had so much fun. Scott LOVES the Reds. I mean he is a little addicted. We watch just about every game and if we are on the road...yes, we listen to it on the radio and if we are at someone house he will ask to turn the game on. Not joking. He has been a fan since he was a child. We went to a game last season in the fall and I had a great time but, I think that it is good for him to go out with his buddies. He had really good seats, six rows up from the field by the Reds dugout. It was his boys day out day. Here are just a few pics that he took from the game. I have bad news though...the Reds lost.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Finally Done!!

After a long and trying year we are finally licensed!! I am sooo excited and glad to be done. We got of of our papers sent to Fayette Co DCS instead of Hancock Co DCS. Which was a great idea because Fayette Co DCS didn't waste no time getting it done. We got approved for 4 children. Now, we can begin to grow our family. Praise God and I give Him all the Glory!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

This year on Mother's Day we went to Ohio and visited with Scott's family. It was a good day. We got to see the nephews, Shane and Spencer (Katelyn our niece was at her dad's). We don't get to see any of Scott's family that often because they live so far away. So, when ever we can we try to go.
The Osborn Gang
Ma Osborn (Connie), Pa Osborn (Roger), Shannon (OZ), and Scott (the Baby)

Spencer, Stephanie (sister-in-law) & Shane

My Scotty

Shane, Connie & Spencer

My Baby and Me

Family Time

These are some fun pics of our "brother, sister and niece" they are our closest friends and to us they are family. We have so much fun everytime we are around them.

Jason, Shy & Megan

Jason & Megan

Jason & Scott

Jason & Scott

Shy's Birthday Party

Here are just a few pics of our "niece's" 6th birthday party. It was a nice party and a beautiful day for it. She got alot of great things for her birthday. I never seen so much Hannah Montana stuff..lol.. I can't believe she is 6 already! I remember when she was born and Oh how small. She is growing into a nice young lady. She is blessed with a great step-mom and dad.

Jake the Great

What I can say...Jake is doing great. He has amazed us and the vets. His blood work came back good and we are on the right track. He is still on on the same meds and dosages. He goes and gets another ultrasound and recheck blood work in a month. All all can say is Praise God and we give Him all the Glory.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Painfully Funny

This is a true story...Friday the 1st I was loading Jake in the van for his vet appointment. I wasn't paying attention when I shut the van door..then...the pain..I closed the van door on my middle finger on my left hand. So, I opened the van door and took out my finger. I went on and took Jake to the appointment. The pain was like nothing else I have had felt before. I told the vet on what happened..she couldn't believed it and thought that I might have broke in because the way I described the pain and they way that my poor finger looked. So, she took an x-ray of it and well it was crushed...she said that there isn't really anything that they could do for that type on an injury she thought that I should just get a splint and let it heal. So, that is what I did. I went to a local pharmacy bought a splint wrapped it up and went on..boy did it ever hurt I thought that that my finger was going to fall off..lol..Well, my husband being the joker that he is..had to make fun of me and my poor finger in the splint. I just let it go..and had to laugh with him a few times. Then on Sunday the 3rd we went to New Castle to visit a member of our church that is in a nursing home and had Communion with him. Scott was putting the Communion box in the van and then the OH! yes o yes he slammed his finger in the van door. Not only the same van door but, the same finger on the same hand as me and yes he broke it too. So, here we are matching splints on our fingers...at least he could finally say that he felt my pain and meant it...lol...I am happy to say that we are healing.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Good News

We got good news when we took Jake to the vet for his 2 week check up. The vet did the ultrasound and looked at his gallbladder which looked better!!YEAH!! It had fluid in it this time which is a really good thing. It was solid last time. It has not shrank any but, we are still optimistic about his healing. The vet took out some of his stitches and seen that Jake wasn't healing to good so, the vet put staples in Jake's belly for a while until the skin all heals together. Thank you for all the prayers. Blessings!