Thursday, January 29, 2009

So Much Going On...

My goodness how time flies the past few weeks we have been so busy..craziness....I am once again a college student, I am taking three classes this term and just let me say it does not get easier with, I am working. It feels like I am always playing catch up. Things never seem to end...get home from work, take all the dogs out, clean the house, laundry, and run errands if needed. Then when I get time to begin on school work...guess what, time to fix supper. Scott gets home from work 5:30ish, he feeds and waters all of the outside dogs and if I am lucky he will take the other dogs out. If not I take the others out, eat supper, do the dishes, clean up the kitchen, do some more laundry, then get started on homework. When I can't hold my eyes open no more I go to bed and begin it all tomorrow! I am worn out just typing this week I get a curve ball thrown to me I get not just a cold, not me..I get the flu and strep throat. Blah! I am taking an easy and trying to get some much needed rest. So, I am taking this time to just let everyone know what has been going on here the past few weeks. Take Care.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sad to Say

I just want to begin off with a big thanks to everyone for all the prayers on the matter of adopting the kids. After many prayers to the Lord above and a lot of talking we have come to the decision that the kids just aren't the kids for us. There just isn't that family bond. All of us just didn't fit. We will continue to be a part of the kids life as big brother/big sister. I ask all of you to please continue to pray for us that we find the right child/children. God Bless.

How Smart Is Your Dog?

Go Granny Go!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Another Addition to the Family

Well, we got another dog...Storm. She was living with our good friends the Harrison's. Storm and her doggie roommate, Lucy wasn't getting along so we inherited her. She seems like a nice girl and is very thing we found out soon is she hates

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Our Life Is Gone To The Dogs & Cats

Here are some pics of are crazy, time consuming, demanding but, lovable critters that we can't live without....or The unconditional love of an animal never stops amazing me.

Liberty aka Libby, we got her from a really good bulldogger in New York. I am not going to lie she is a handful and a little nuts and plays HARD but, we love her!

Fred, we rescued this guy from death next to a dumpster. Now he is healthy and happy. He is a picky cat and will let you know if he is out of food or don't like it. He likes loving on his time and he lets us sleep in the bed at night.

Jazzman, Scott is the breeder of this girl. Munchkin is her mother. Scott loves the look of her. She is great with kids and likes to be indoors but she HATES cats.

Gracie May, we went all the way to Massachusetts for her. We got he from Mr. Colby himself, Scott was so in awe that night. She loves to play "football" with any bowl and she can make some crazy noises and she don't have any

Munchkin, we got her from Anderson. She was a runt and was not living in the best conditions. Scott has and always will have a soft spot for her. I like how she "grunts" and does her army crawl on the floor. She hates tools that makes weird noises and hmmm

Sassy, the name says it all. We got her off of a really nice breeder in Indianapolis. Scott calls her the "lioness". She is a real loving dog that loves her belly rubbed but, SHE picks who she

Ruby, we got this this spitfire from a breeder in Marysville. She is so funny how she kicks out her back leg when she barks. I have to say that she is the loudest of them all.

Mannie, Scott calls him the " little gay dog". I bred the litter that he was in. He is such a loving boy who loves to "sing" just like his mother, Orrie. He is our little cuddle snuggle bug.

Orrie aka Oreo, we got her from a breeder in Marysville the same one we got Ruby from. She was a show dog, that is all she knew. She didn't know love or anything about living in the house as a pet. She lived in a crate and on the road, that was her life. Well, it didn't take her long to became a family member. She knows what love is now. She likes to "sing" and LOVES cookies and to sleep on your lap.

Autumn aka Fuzzy aka Mutt, we got her from a breeder in Ohio where she picked me. She was my first schnauzer. Scott got her for me as an anniversary gift. I love this girl so much. She has epilepsy which is under control with meds. She is a fireball and a mouthy thing. She is MY dog. I let her get away with a little more than the, that might explain why she is a

Jake aka Bubby, We got him from a breeder in Indianapolis. He was our fist "baby". Actually, the breeder that had Jake was going to keep him as his house dog but, the first time we saw him we had to have him. So, after hours of talking and making outrageous bids for him, we got him. He has been the greatest dog. He is loyal and very smart. I have to say that he is so "human" in his ways. He is the Alpha of the house. He loves just about everyone that he comes into contact with and loves to be a 90 lbs lap dog and a cover hog at night!!