Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sad to Say

I just want to begin off with a big thanks to everyone for all the prayers on the matter of adopting the kids. After many prayers to the Lord above and a lot of talking we have come to the decision that the kids just aren't the kids for us. There just isn't that family bond. All of us just didn't fit. We will continue to be a part of the kids life as big brother/big sister. I ask all of you to please continue to pray for us that we find the right child/children. God Bless.

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Nichole~ said...

I'm sad to hear about that...but God knows best, right?! On a positive note....YAY, I love how much you have updated your blog, I'm a hug blog stalker...mostly other photographers and all of my friends who do it! I love all the descriptions of each of the dogs and the way, LOVE the cat. I use to have one that looked just like him (darker grey) and his name was Taj, but when Kenny and I got married he couldn't handle his allergies because of his long fur :( boo day when we have a larger house I want to get a Maine Coon! Kenny says, in a different house with a different husband, haha LOL, anyway, we love you guys and will keep praying for you.