Friday, June 12, 2009

Trip to WPAF Museum

Last Saturday, Scott, myself and my mom along with my grandpa went to the Air Force museum in Dayton Ohio. We had a really good time. It was nice change. Something that we needed, to get a way for the day along with my mom and grandpa. To be honest not my idea of a outing but, my grandpa and mom has been wanting to go for a while. My mind was soon changed as I got there. I found myself in amazement and in awe at all of the aircraft that was there. I was drawn in at all the history that was there and all the stories beaning told and to see it all up close and personal it was really cool. I learned alot that day about myself, that is ok to try new things out of my comfort zone and might love it and how much I love what so many have done for me. At one point a (around my grandpa's age) retired Air Force pilot came over and shook my grandpa's hand and said "thank you" for your service and in return my grandpa said the same. My grandpa wasn't in the Air Force but in the army during WW II. My eyes began to swell up with a few tears. It was a great thing to see and hear two men, strangers but yet bonded in a way that I will never know give thanks to each other. I came I realized that this museum was not just place to go a see the planes but, a place to honor all the people that served our country.

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