Wednesday, September 2, 2009

He Got One

Well, he finally got one. There is a funny story about this..every time before Scott took Skyler hunting... me being the animal lover that I am would pray for them to safe and that all the animals would be safe and that Skyler wouldn't get know that I should be supportive and I am ... I am just weird that way I guess. Well, on this particular day Scott and Skyler went hunting on a whim and I had no idea that they where going and I didn't say my little hunting prayer. So, on that day Skyler finally got one. When they came home and Skyler came to me with his huge grin on his face...I knew before he opened his mouth to talk what had happened. He said, "you must of forgot to pray because I got one." I responded that "your right. Because you both went and didn't tell me." He laughed saying "that was the point."

Skyler and his squirrel

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