Thursday, April 16, 2009

Never Prepared

I had to take Jake to the vet today. He has been having trouble urinating for a couple days. Thinking that it was just a enlarge prostate or maybe bladder/kidney stones. He has been needing neutered for a while but at his age 11, we didn't know if we wanted to put him through that. Anyway, the vet did and ultrasound and found a mass in his belly area and found out that he has a very large spleen and that all of his lymph nodes are huge and the vet couldn't find his, after the exam the vet thinks that he might have cancer. Not the new that I was prepared to hear especially, to hear it alone. The vet gave me a couple options for Jake, do a quick biopsy and send it out to the lab, wait until Tuesday of next week for the results(but wouldn't help his urinating problem which if not found out why can lead to other compilations) or do exploratory surgery on him tomorrow and look and see what is going on. So, the vet called Scott told him what was going on and the options then I talked to Scott and we came to the decision to do the surgery. We made the decision that if the vet comes back and tells us bad news that we will bring Jake home and let him live out his years here at his home. They can do chemo but at his age we don't want him to have the remainder of his life sick from all of that. If things take a bad turn for him once he is home then we will cross the bridge when we get there. So, I am asking everyone to please pray for him and us. I will keep everyone informed on what happens tomorrow. Thank you so much.

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