Saturday, April 18, 2009

New Update on Jake

We got Jake this afternoon from the vet and boy was he ready to go home. We had a long talk to vet about his situation last night. Come to find out that his liver is a BIG problem. He has liver disease and it is in the last stage. The vet told us a couple of weeks left for Jake and didn't think that he would make it through the gallbladder surgery. But, she also said she didn't think that he would make it through last night. So,worried that we might not see Jake again we went last night to the vet clinic and sat and had a good visit with Jake for a little over an hour. He ate all of his supper for us and he walked around some. We took his blanket from the house and got him cozy well, as cozy as he could be in the clinic. We said our goodbyes and gave him lots of love and of course I cried like a baby. When I got home last night I did alot of research about liver disease and come to find out that the liver will heal itself in time if the problem is removed(which is is gallbladder) it is a slow process but it can be done. I got a list of meds that might help him and so on. I asked the vet about them this afternoon, she was shocked that I did all the research and agreed with the list of vitamins that I wanted to give Jake. So, our plan and hope that it is God's too is to treat the liver disease with milk thistle(gave one tonight at 6:30), SAMe(have to give on an empty belly so going to give in the morning), and a special diet of low protein and high calories. He is on Hill's i/d can food, brown rice, cottage cheese, eggs and if he will eat it kale. He is on his antibiotics and pain meds from the surgery all ready and will be begin a drug that helps make the toxic bile less toxic. The vet has to order that one on Monday, they don't keep it is stock. He has had some bleeding today but he has surprised us all by eating and eating, walking around and urinating and taking bm's. We want to get him through this surgery and hopefully begin some healing in the liver and the goal is to get that gallbladder out! I know some people think that this might be a long shot but, not me. He is the toughest dog I know. Even the vet said that she can't believe that he is still alive and commented on just how tough he was..she told us this morning that if this happened to any other dog it wouldn't of survived.
Jake to me just isn't a dog he is a member of my family, we have had him for 11yrs and I just can't wait it out and do nothing. I have to fight this with him and right along his side all the way. After all he has given me all the unconditional love I never knew I wanted or needed for the past 11 yrs it is only fair to give it back. I love him as my son and I will do whatever and give up whatever for him cause you can't put a price on family and love. I ask everyone to please pray for us and especially for Jake at this time. Thank you so much and I will keep you updated.

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Nichole~ said...

I am so sorry to hear about Jake. If you guys need anybody to help with the other dogs, while you are at the vet, me and Nichole would be happy to help however we can. Just let us know. Love you guys and are willing and happy to do what we can.