Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Painfully Funny

This is a true story...Friday the 1st I was loading Jake in the van for his vet appointment. I wasn't paying attention when I shut the van door..then...the pain..I closed the van door on my middle finger on my left hand. So, I opened the van door and took out my finger. I went on and took Jake to the appointment. The pain was like nothing else I have had felt before. I told the vet on what happened..she couldn't believed it and thought that I might have broke in because the way I described the pain and they way that my poor finger looked. So, she took an x-ray of it and well it was crushed...she said that there isn't really anything that they could do for that type on an injury she thought that I should just get a splint and let it heal. So, that is what I did. I went to a local pharmacy bought a splint wrapped it up and went on..boy did it ever hurt I thought that that my finger was going to fall off..lol..Well, my husband being the joker that he is..had to make fun of me and my poor finger in the splint. I just let it go..and had to laugh with him a few times. Then on Sunday the 3rd we went to New Castle to visit a member of our church that is in a nursing home and had Communion with him. Scott was putting the Communion box in the van and then the OH! yes o yes he slammed his finger in the van door. Not only the same van door but, the same finger on the same hand as me and yes he broke it too. So, here we are matching splints on our fingers...at least he could finally say that he felt my pain and meant it...lol...I am happy to say that we are healing.

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Nichole~ said...

LOL, LOL! that is hilarious!