Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

This year on Mother's Day we went to Ohio and visited with Scott's family. It was a good day. We got to see the nephews, Shane and Spencer (Katelyn our niece was at her dad's). We don't get to see any of Scott's family that often because they live so far away. So, when ever we can we try to go.
The Osborn Gang
Ma Osborn (Connie), Pa Osborn (Roger), Shannon (OZ), and Scott (the Baby)

Spencer, Stephanie (sister-in-law) & Shane

My Scotty

Shane, Connie & Spencer

My Baby and Me

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Garnetrose said...

I was reading your profile and noticed that You are in the process of becoming a foster/adoptiv parent. I was foster child and had a great foster family. I could not have kids of my own so we became foster parents and adopted two of them. Both girls and I never regretted it. Lots of problems and heartaches but the joys outweigh them. Good luck with that.